Thursday, April 13, 2017

Jackson Playgroups History

7 years ago I was enjoying my brand new baby boy during my maternity leave so much that I decided I needed to make a huge life changing decision.  I decided to put in my resignation from my career in order to stay home and raise my son.  Although I loved being home with him, taking care of his every need all day long, I also felt extremely lonely and closed off from the world.  I did not know any other mom's who were staying home with their children and I felt like I had lost all of my friends, who were busy with their own careers.  

About 8 months into my homemaker gig, I received a call that Jackson had received some grant money and I was asked if I would like to start up a local playgroup for Jackson county kids ages 0-5 and their families.  Having never been to a playgroup before, I was a bit nervous, but for my own sanity of meeting new people, I decided it would be a fun endeavor!  In those early years, I was facilitating 3 playgroups per month - 1 at Baker College, 1 at the Eastern Branch of the library and 1 at the Carnegie Branch.

The following year, we received a bit more money to expand and add some more playgroups.  We branched out the the Brooklyn Library and added another group at Baker College.  Every year, we were able to add more dates and times to our playgroup schedule due to the popularity of them.  

We currently host 11 playgroups per month!  There are several sites in Jackson, including Baker College, the Carnegie Library and the Eastern Branch of the Library.  Our group got so huge in Brooklyn that we outgrew our space in the library!  We now meet at Jan's Dance Studio in Brooklyn and are fortunate enough to have library staff bring materials down for us to check out during playgroups!  We have also set up a new location in Parma!  

My goal for each playgroup is to provide an environment that is safe and fun for all attending. I provide toys that are developmentally appropriate and encourage children to learn through play.  I also have a craft set up during each playgroup that you are able to enjoy with your child.  Snacks are also provided -- having a son with food allergies myself, I understand that there may be snacks that some children may not be able to be around.  If you would like to come to a playgroup but have dietary restrictions, please contact me beforehand, I am happy to accommodate any food allergies! 

Feel free to follow Jackson Playgroups on Facebook for all of the updated dates, times, locations, and a place to ask questions on development and hear about other fun community events geared toward children.  I hope that you and your children will be able to come to a playgroup soon to play and meet other families!

Resha Willis
Jackson County Great Start Playgroups Facilitator

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  1. This is great, Resha! I always wondered how your group came to be. :)