Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Friday, June 30th Community Fair

** Have you seen that sign and wondered who that organization is and what they really do??  Have you been stressed about your child's anxiety with school, sports or friends and you're just not sure how to help her?  Do you know if she even needs help?  Are you fed up and tired of fighting with your child over a behavior?  Is your family struggling to make ends meet and needing additional support in a tough time?  This event is for you!

We are ready to welcome families to the first of many quarterly Community Fairs.   Community Action Agency and the Great Start Collaborative of Jackson County host these fairs for you and all families in Jackson County.

Lunch is ordered, organizations have been confirmed and childcare helpers are ready to play with the kiddos!  This Community Fair is for everyone whether you have questions or concerns or you just want to learn a little more.  

· Michigan Alliance for Families for Individualized Education Plan (IEP) support, advocacy and education.  If you have a young child who will require additional supports in school do you know what those supports are and how to get them.  Michigan Alliance for Families works with you from the families perspective to help each child develop to their full potential in school.

· Birth to 3 specialists for information about child speech and physical development.  As the parent of a young child you may notice your child doesn't have as many words as their peers or maybe you are concerned with tip toe walking.  Talk more with a specialist to find out more.

· Integro and LifeWay’s Community Mental Health to find out what you need to know about child and adult behavioral mental health.  Are you wondering if your child's mood swings, behaviors and intense feelings are symptoms of something more?  Maybe a family members anxiety is becoming a problem.  This is your opportunity to find to learn more. 

· Family Services and Children’s Aid to tackle challenging behaviors and learn parenting techniques through Nurtured Heart.  If you are not familiar with Nurtured Heart it is time to learn.  Many schools practice these methods which were originally designed for "difficult, challenging or intense" children.  The approach began as a method for treating children labeled as challenging, difficult, or intense – especially those with diagnoses such as ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Autism, PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and more. The approach is now used successfully in schools, foster-care systems, and communities worldwide to help all children flourish.

· Great Start Playgroups to learn more about free, local playgroups, where and when they meet.

· Department of Health and Human Services is ready to give you the opportunity to talk with someone face to face about the wide range of resources available to families from foster care to birth records to financial assistance.

· Social Security will be on hand for information about who and how Medicare and Disability benefits are granted.

· Center for Family Health is eager to share information about child and adult counseling services in addition to their many health and dental services.

This event is FREE and lunch will be provided at no cost for all who attend. On site, licensed childcare will also be available for all families who attend free of charge.  Please join us and bring a friend or a neighbor who might benefit from one or all of the wonderful programs on hand that are helping support families in Jackson County. 
See you there!

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