Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Playgroups Rock!

If you haven't heard, Rocks are all the rage right now in Jackson County, all across Michigan, and even across the country!  Everyone is painting rocks, hiding the rocks around in parks, downtown areas, restaurants, EVERYWHERE!  The point of it is to spread joy and get individuals and families out spending time together, while enjoying nature, and getting in some exercise.  We have an amazing group of people right here in Jackson County that are coming together as a community and posting their creations and findings on the Facebook group: Jackson County Rocks.  Since this is such a fun project, our craft for the month of August was creating rocks to be taken and hidden by our families. We all had a blast and I am thinking that this will be a craft again in the near future, especially since I asked my husband to pick up rocks for playgroups and he came home with a half yard/trailer full!

Check out Jackson Playgroups Facebook for all of the current info on dates, times, and locations.

Happy rock hunting!!

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