Monday, October 9, 2017

Books That Help Children Cope in Difficult Times

When it comes to tough life situations, children are often unequipped to deal with the strong emotions they feel.  It is hard for them to name their feelings and to express them in the correct way.  Children can act out when confused, talk back more often when sad, even have problems in school when angry about a situation at home.  Big changes are scary!  So how do we help our little ones understand their feelings when challenged with tough situations?

Books offer a fantastic way to explore the many trials that we all experience in life.  Whether it be a divorce, move to a new school, a personal illness, or a death in the family, there are several books that will help you and your child through a difficult time.  Here is a list of books that cover several different topics, all aimed to help your child understand that they are not alone in their feelings, as well as offering comfort and guidance.  Click on each picture for a direct link to Amazon for a complete description, or find these books in your local library.

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