Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Holiday Crafts

Crafting with 0-5 year olds can be tricky sometimes, since there is such a wide range of ages to accommodate.  One thing that all of the children at playgroups have in common is that they all love to do the craft!  Typically at playgroups, I plan one or two crafts for the month and then the same craft is available at all of the sites throughout the month.  Personally, I love the months of October - December because of all of the holiday's!  Here are a few of the crafts from the past 2 months.  I will share our Christmas craft next month.

The Halloween craft was made from popsicle sticks, which the children were able to glue together to make the fence.  The pumpkins are foam peel and stick stickers, which the older kids can do completely on their own, while younger children may need some help peeling the backing off but then are able to stick them down where they would like.  I wrote the poem in with a sharpie.  This part would need adult help with our age group.

The Thanksgiving crafts started by tracing your hand on a piece of construction paper.  The older children are able to do this themselves, while younger children need some assistance.  We then put glue all over the inside of our hand and sticking feathers to it.  We glued a googley eye on and drew in the waddle.  This is a great craft for 0-5 year olds because older kids can do most of this on their own and younger children and their adult can do it together.

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