Monday, December 11, 2017

Non-Traditional Hours Child Care

This year at the Great Start Collaborative of Jackson County, we have been examining what child care needs exist in our community for manufacturing employees working non-traditional hours.  Lead by our Family Support group we created a survey, which Industrial Steel, Manpower, and US Staffing gave to their employees.

Out of the 12 questions asked on the survey, there are two with feedback that stood out.  56% of respondents answered no or unsure when asked, “Do you feel there are child care options available during your current work schedule?” and when questioned what time of day families required child care, 51% responded 2nd shift, 3rd shift, or weekends.  Out of several anonymous comments provided one parent wrote, “I have no idea what I would do if my work hours fell outside of these “normal” hours.  Every parent should have access to SAFE and affordable child care for their children, regardless of their work hours.  Leaving your precious and helpless baby in a questionable environment is every parent’s worst fear.”  These concerns are relevant and impact many families in Jackson County.

We are excited to share that the Great Start Collaborative recently received a $10,000 grant from United Way to work on non-traditional child care options in Jackson County.  We are currently involved in discussions with ABC Academy about the possibility of opening doors to a 2nd shift timeframe, beginning at one Jackson location. Our hope is to fill this location quickly and to expand to additional sites throughout the County.  This week, we will be reaching out to local manufacturing companies to discuss plans in more detail.  Please stay tuned for further updates.

If you are interested in voicing your opinion regarding the availability of child care in our community or have other thoughts or concerns, please consider joining one of our Family Support Committee meetings.  You can find meeting locations, times, and other information on our Great Start Calendar.  We welcome you!

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