Sunday, January 7, 2018

Winter Fun at Playgroups!

All of the snow we have right now made me want to do a craft this month that will remind us of all of January's blustery snow in the summer time! We are making paper snow globes this month, which the kids seemed to really like creating.

-blue (or whatever color you choose) construction paper
-construction paper crayons
-clear plastic salad plates
-glitter!  And fun snowflake confetti if you have it
-hot glue gun and sticks (for adult use only!)

I traced a plate onto the paper and added a base to it to look like a snowglobe then used that as a pattern to cut out enough for all of our playgroup kids to use.  The children colored their wintry scene onto the paper then added glitter and embellishments on top of their drawing, loosely.  I then hot glued a plate on top.  Check to make sure you don't have any spots without glue so your glitter doesn't go flying and have fun shaking up your snow globe!  Enjoy this fun wintry craft!!

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