Monday, March 26, 2018

Does Your Child Need Eyeglasses?

Routine eye exams are extremely important for detecting vision problems in young children.  As children reach school-age, they will begin to face increasing demands on visual abilities.  The size of print in books will become smaller and the amount of time spent reading will increase significantly.  Vision changes can occur in children without your child even noticing them.  This is why yearly exams are so important.  The earlier a vision problem is detected and treated, the better. 

Did your child just have his yearly well-child visit and you found out it's time for eyeglasses?  Did you recently find out that your child failed his school eye exam?  Are you worried about the cost involved?  If you have Healthy Kids, MIChild, or traditional Medicaid - you can get your child the eye exam and glasses they need.  If your child accidentally breaks or loses their glasses, a replacement pair is also covered once per year. 

For information of Vision Providers that accept Medicaid, or for more general information of vision coverage, please call your individual plan (look on the back of your card for the phone number), visit here, or call MDHHS at 517-780-7400 to speak to your case worker. 

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